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Changing The Game One Download at a Time

We’re constantly looking for ways to entertain, and FLICK the BALL is the App that nails it. Since 2000, people all over the world have benefited from our easy-to-use App. If you can't gt outside, stay engaged in the game wiith FLICK the BALL!!


User Testimonials

I didn't expet much when I first got the game, hours later I couldn't put it down.

Payton Hillman

Best basketball game on the market.

Jessie Brown

Lets play ball. I mean Flick the Ball!

Avery Smith

The Hottest App On the Market

Every groundbreaking App begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all inclusive one. At FLICK the BALL , we wanted to get back to basics, by offering a simple and user-friendly platform. Our team of incredibly bright minded individuals have dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that your experience is more enjoyable than ever.

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I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

We keep it simple. You love basketball, you will ove this game.

How often are there updates to the App?

We will keep the app up to date and add new features as we grow.

It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

This app keeps your mind engages in the game of basketball. You will spend many mindless hours flicking the ball.

Do you have any other apps?

FLICK the BALL is the first in a series of apps to come.

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